To a New Year: 2012


Can you believe it? It is a whole 'nother year!

There is something about a new year that becomes kind of a goal line for people. We make plans to live a certain way or be a certain way by "the end of the year." I think it's honorable. The New Year inspires us and reminds us that we still have time to become our better selves. Yay!

I have never been a person to create New Years Resolutions, however, this year I have put some thought into it.

God has taught me SO much this year. He has taught me to be a hard worker and taught me HOW to work hard. (Now, if I could just remember this everyday!) He has taught me to LOVE life. I kind of got all serious this year and forgot to have fun. He is bringing me back to that joy that He gives us everyday. I got married to my best friend this year and we moved away from home. My husband got a job in which tests his very beliefs. He is challenged everyday to put God first, really. (I am so proud of him!) I FINALLY got a job as a Hospitality Coordinator. I get to go to work and see and serve my college buddies! God is opening doors!

    My year ended with a big lesson from God. I have asked Him, for as long as I can remember, to use me and challenge me. He knows that I have never wanted to live a comfortable life. I WANT to grow. That has been my passion from the beginning. My prayer on many occasions: "Take me through the fire. Take me through struggles and test me, Lord, so that I can become more like you." Sometimes I forget that prayer. I forget that I prayed that at one point. I forgot that I ultimately WANT that. My good friend, Devon, reminded me of this. "You know, you pray and ask God to use you, but when He gives you an opportunity, you run away." Wow. Thank you, Devon. That same afternoon, I was listening to Joyce Meyer's Calm, Cool and Collected series. Joyce said: "You ask God to put you in a place where you can be used, and then you complain about being at a job where you are the only Christian. But you ASKED TO BE USED!" God showed me all of this through to wonderfully godly women. Thank you Jesus! I realized how blessed I am in that God hears the prayers of my true heart and answers them, no matter my fleshly stance at the moment.

Today is January 1st, 2012 and my first lesson of the year is a lesson that I have learned before. God knows I need to re-learn this! He reminded me today that I am SERIOUSLY blessed. I can hear God speak to me. I KNOW that He is teaching me. How many people can say that? As I was saying before, God answers the prayers of my true heart no matter what I feel in the moment. Hallelujah! I have a God who loves me and does what's best for me no matter what I FEEL!

This morning I was reading in Jeremiah 29. I have never caught this until today: God sent his unruly people to Babylon. One might say it sounds like He was doing it as punishment, who knows! What I do know, is that He told them to LIVE there, to plant their gardens, get married, have children and live long enough to see their grandchildren. He also told them to pray for the Babylonians, because they need people to interceed for them. God put His rebellious people in a place where they had almost no other option but to serve God. He got them out of their comfort zone so that they could grow and be used by Him! Wow! Best first lesson of the year, ever! Haha!

This year, 2012, I have made some "resolutions" if you will. Here they are:

1. To be grateful for the uncomfortable things in life, because that's where we grow!
2. To FACE my fears head on.
3. To have fun as often as I can.
4. Project 365: To take a picture every single day. To have fun documenting my year.
5. To be crafty so I can teach others how to be resourceful.
6. To work hard.
7. To be healthy, because it's the right thing to do for so many reasons.
8. To bring God back into all that I do and say.
9. To serve others.
10. To pursue God's wisdom MORE.

I encourage you all as you are deciding what New Years Resolutions to commit to, to spend time with God. What a great day to start the New Year! A Sunday! What many people consider the Sabbath day. Did you know that the Sabbath was meant to be a day dedicated to knowing God better? It is not a day dedicated to us getting to do whatever we want. It is a day we set aside to glorify God. Start 2012 by spending the day searching for God. Enjoy His presence. Dance with Him. Sing with Him. Be joyous with Him! Tell Him all that you are grateful for. He loves you. ...A LOT!

If you are like me, right now you are probably spending a little bit of time browsing the internet. Spend the rest of your time browsing listening to Kris Allen's Live Like We're Dying. May it be inspiring to you as you start the new year!


Also, check out my friend Haley's New Year Photo Session!
She is an incredible photographer with possibly the sweetest heart!

For those whose resolutions involve getting closer to God: check out the You Version of Reading the Bible in One Year! This website gives you a guide to reading the Bible in one year! Seriously, the best way to get close to God is by spending time in His Word. You'll be amazed!

Happy 2012!!!

Many Blessings in this New Year!!!

~Mrs. S

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