Project 365///Day 26

January 20th 2012

Today I helped my mom go through some boxes that were in one of her cabinets. She thought it was going to be mostly craft stuff from when we were younger (felt, beads, ribbon, thread, etc.) but we found a box full of some old school stuff. My mother home schooled us (me, my brother and sister). I found a TON of my old "books" I use to write. Story after story. Haha...most of them are hilarious to read! I was such a dork! Haha! Oh well...look what we found!

Day 26.365///I used my Nikon D90.

...our paper bag puppets from the Three Goats Gruff! We apparently did a lot of puppet shows growing up. Haha! So cool! :)

God Bless!
~Mrs. S

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