Project 365//Days 9-15

Hey guys! So...I know that I asked some of you if I should try posting one photo a day and then announced later on that I would continue to do seven photos a week, but I am starting to think that one photo posted a day my help me succeed at taking a photo every day. So, just keeping you updated on my thoughts. I will let you know when I switch over to one a day!

Enjoy folks! ♥

Here is my explanation for these photos: I went back to visit my parents Tuesday and Wednesday and I did not take any pictures during that time. Didn't even think about it! I know, I'm awful! So, I am made up for it by taking more than one picture on other days.

Day 9.365///Taken with my Nikon. Had some quality Jesus time. I mean, really sat down and dug in.

Day 10.365///Nikon. Played with my new flash. Followed people around ("annoying" them) and took pictures of them.

Day 11.365///Nikon. Watched some friends perform/record the "Wiggle" dance they created to go with their "Wiggle" song they recorded.

Day 12.365///Nikon. Made breakfast with the hubby. A.k.a., my hubby made breakfast for me! :)
Eggs and cinnamon pancakes!

Day 13.365///Nikon. Went back home to sing with my dad and his friends. "Sweet jam session!"
Motown a little bit of Adele and Cee Lo.

Day 14.365///Nikon. I painted with some friends!!! They said it looks like meat loaf! :(
It's supposed to be the bottom part of a hanging flower pot!

Day 15.365///Nikon. Spent some time with my roommates from last year.
They just cause SO MUCH TROUBLE! ;)
That box right there that says "Glasses," we put Leigh's glasses there when she goes to bed at night (or you know, just loses them) that way she can read the big words, be able to find them and nobody will step on them. :)

Thanks guys! Again, it's never too late to start your Project 365!
Just pick up your camera and starting shooting!

God Bless!

~Mrs. S

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