Project 365///Days 23-25

Hey all!

So, I am aweful! I JUST announced that I would be posting one picture and day and I have already failed to do so! If I could give an excuse...this week has been really busy! Haha!

Anyways, here you go...My Tuesday through today, Thursday! :) Enjoy!

Day 23.365///Nikon. Tuesday evening I go to the WesHouse. The WesHouse is the Wesley (Methodist) Foundation on campus here. I have been a part of this organization since I came to college four and a half years ago. We have been through a couple of different directors since I have been here, but we have been blessed by each one of them! This is Johnny starting his lesson for the evening. (After some chili dogs and chips for dinner!)

Day 24.365///Nikon. My husband and I came into town (where our parents live) tonight so that I can help my mom with some things around the house. This is my old bedroom. They turned it into a mini-library. Cute, huh? ...and this is where I am sleeping tonight. On a few pillows. Believe it or not it's comfy! Haha!

Day 25.365///Nikon. My mom made Chocolate Pumpkin muffins.
 They were sooo good! She got her recipe off of, haha! ♥

God Bless and See You Tomorrow!
~Mrs. S

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