Project 365//Days 2-8

Hey all!

If I may remind you of the Project 365 I am participating in:

Project 365 is simply a worldwide activity, allowing individuals to see a new perspective on the things we do or see everyday. The idea is to take a picture every day, post it and write about it. I am taking my pictures throughout the week, and posting them to you on Mondays. So if you are interested, keep an eye out! ♥

Here we go!
[I posted one picture last Monday to kick off my 365 days.]
[These pictures are from Tues. the 27th to TODAY!]

Day 2.365///Taken with my Webcam. Today (Dec. 27th) I have successfully done an ab workout, pushups, jogged, showered, gotten dressed (dried my hair, messed around in the closet), driven downtown to get an application and to campus to get some financial help ALL without ever waking up my husband!! now I'm sitting here filling out the application. For those of you that have seen my house, you know thats amazing!

Day3.365///Taken with my Nikon. Today my husband and I spent the day out of town. At the end we went to OutBack to eat dinner (it's rare to eat out "expensively"). We played cards from the moment we ordered our food until we left. A new game he taught me called Tunk. Fun! Our waiter thought it was awesome that we brought a game to play! Haha!

Day 4.365///Taken with my Nikon. Today I spent a good bit of time perfecting my resume.
Job search, woohoo!

Day 5.365///Take with my Nikon. Today before he went to work, I videotaped my husband playing disc golf. He wanted to capture some trick shots and ACES :) I sat on his little folding chair far behind the basket and well....he hit with the discs, about three to five times and I have the bruises to prove it! I still love him, though! :) ♥

Day 6.365///Taken with my Nikon. Today I worked to print out, fill out and mail out applications. Woohoo!

Day 7.365///Taken with my Nikon. Today I spent most of the day on the phone with friends and family. At the same time, I worked on writing up a mass message for work.

Day 8.365///Taken with my Nikon. Today (January 2nd, 2012) is all about chores. Chores chores chores. I know, exciting, right?! I did a lot of cleaning today, and I still have more to do!

If you want to participate in Project 365, start today! It's never too late. There is no deadline. ♥ So join me in capturing the things we see and do everyday!

Many Blessings!

~Mrs. S


  1. Oooo! Cool! Bringing a card deck to a "fancy" restaurant. What a neat idea.

  2. Hahaha...yes, it is! Why not? It's going to take long enough to get the food anyway. We played like 20 games.


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