Project 365///Days 16-22

Okay, so, this past week has been CRAZY! My husband has been really sick and he doesn't get sick all that often. My mother had to get a back brace and four spinal blocks. I fell in the shower and hit my tail bone and spine and I have had trouble functioning since then. Now I feel like I might be starting to catch whatever it is my husband has. :( Lame!

Anyways... I did a whole lot of nothing this week because of all the chaos, but I was able to get some pictures. Enjoy!

Day 16.365///Nikon. It's amazing how often God speaks to us, if only we listen. I was sipping my coffee this morning and was reminded to conquer my fears, because "with God all things are possible." I have nothing to fear! Praise God!

Day 17.365///Nikon. Today I didn't do much, and I mean it. I did hardly anything. EXCEPT take this picture of some of the flowers Chris gave me for our 5yr &2month anniversary! haha...or our 5 month wedding anniversary..however you want to look at it! Hah!

Day 18.365///Nikon. I took down the Christmas decorations today!

Day 19.365///Nikon. Picked up some chick flicks from the good ol' Redbox: Bridesmaids (hilarious but inappropriate) and Monte Carlo (teeny-bopper-ish). Got all cozy after I made myself a mocha frappuccino! :) Yum! 

Day 20.365///Nikon. Played some guitar and practiced some new songs, and some old ones too! ;) I love my guitar!

Day 21.365///Webcam. So...long story short: I fell last night and hit my tail bone...awesome. Not! I'm still wearing pjs and I am really afraid to sit down. I scream every time I have to stand up...that's how bad it hurts. :( But I had to show off my pretty morning hair!!! Some folks from school say that I always seem to wear morning hair. It's 'cause every time I get complimented on my hair is when I haven't done anything to it! ya go...this is my bed hair for the day. Poofy.

Day 22.365///Webcam. I still hurt. :( I'm sitting on my side as best I know how, but it hurts worse than before.
 Sad day. I feel miserable, as I am sure I look the same. haha! I look so "emo," hah!

Many Blessings!
~Mrs. S

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