Monday Madness: Try, Try and Try Again

I have been convicted these past few weeks about waking up earlier in the mornings. I need that time so that I can sit in God's presence and really soak in what He has for me to do with my day (or life, really). I need to come to Him before the chaos of my day sets in. 

How did it go?

Let's see...
I didn't even go to bed until close to two in the morning, even though I should have gone to bed at nine o'clock seeing as I only got three hours of sleep the night before. I was exhausted, so exhausted that I couldn't even get to bed at a decent hour! Grr. (I was mad at myself for a moment there.) Needless to say, I slept in...until about seven.

I woke up to the sound of Chris whispering to Hannah. They were waiting for me to realize that they were there. A little later, when it came time for my handsome man to go to work, he had lost his keys. You understand the frustration, right? We looked everywhere and finally came to the conclusion that he was going to have to take my car to work. So, I emptied it all out of mine and Hannah's things. Carseat, purse, diaper bag, some toys, some cups from the day before, and some bags I left in the trunk over the weekend (oops). Only, a few minutes later while Hannah was playing in Chris's car, she tried to start it up! She had found the keys!!!

The rest of the day was a blur. I've had this migraine that I can't seem to get rid of. It's been running all throughout my head and it feels as if I've been punched in the face. No kidding. I was pretty
exhausted and in pain most of the day. The majority of our time consisted of me getting trampled on, pinched, bitten, slapped and yelled at by Hannah. Don't forget the hair pulling. She's currently crying because I won't read her book to her for the fifteenth time. She loves her books.

Despite all of that, it really wasn't a bad day if you could believe it.

I have all these hopes and desires for my life. Some small things and some bigger things. Most of these are just things I wish I could keep up with or good habits that I could form. I'd love to have a clean house at some point every single day. Dishes put away, laundry completed or at least off of floors and surfaces, meals cooked every night, my garden up to par...I think you get it. I am not perfect although many days I get upset because, well, I'm NOT perfect.

I try to keep my house clean. I try to keep the laundry clean and put up. I try to make sure our bathrooms are always people friendly. I try to get up early so that I have less on my mind the rest of the day. I try to do meal plans. I try to eat from the pantry. I try to stick to my grocery list. What happens when I try so hard? I don't get anything done. Usually.

Does anyone else struggle with this as well? Am I the only one?

I am learning so much about myself and about my purpose as a wife and mom and one of the things I am trying to remember that the things of this world do not matter nearly as much as the hearts in my household and in my life. To love. That should be my first priority and if it isn't, I need to be silent and refresh my heart, my mind and my soul in Jesus Christ.

May you have a blessed evening filled with abundance of smiles and laughter!
May God bless you with rest, peace, patience and hope!

{Photos taken via webcam.}

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