Thoughtful Thursday: I Want to Explode With Praise

Oh. My. Gosh.

I'm crying right now. I'm sitting in a coffee shop and I'm in tears.

My God.
My God.
He loves me.
He loves ME.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Is anyone else in awe of this tonight???

I keep listening to the same song over and over again.
(You might remember this from Tuesday Tunes!)
I don't know why (Well, I do. It's Jesus.) but it brings me into a place of worship every single time I hear it. I am brought to my knees every time. Every. Time.

Here it is!

My thoughts are chaos, so please don't mind my attempt to let it all out.
I've been so lonely. I have. That's so embarrassing to admit. I feel very weak and vulnerable admitting this, but it's the truth.
I was reading a blog post today at Scissor Tail Silk called To the Momma in the Silent Years. I just sat and cried as I read it. These silent years, they are hard. They suck. I'm miserable and unsatisfied many days. I have reached my breaking point. I need God. I need Him. Badly. I feel so alone so many days. I feel as if I don't deserve the blessings that come my way. I just yelled at my one year old, how could I deserve such love?
God loves me. He does. I'm not perfect, but oh. my. gosh. He LOOOOOOOVES me!!! I am speechless!

Let me share this Scripture with you. I pray to our heavenly Father that His Word brings you HOPE. Lots of it! He is going to come and sweep us off of our feet and draw us into Him and we are going to fall head over heels for the most wonderful Father and Savior!!! It is going to be beautiful! (It already is!) 

It's Hosea 2:14-23...
This piece of Scripture is a description of my heart, spirit and walk right now. The song I shared above is where my heart is headed. I'm falling in love with God all over again, and I have missed Him! I have needed Him. I have craved Him and longed for Him. I have been lead to the desert so that His glory may be shown for all to see! I am overwhelmed right now with His never ending pursuit of my heart.

Pause. Let that sink in.

He has a never ending love for me. No matter where I'm at in life.


Are you trying to catch your breath, too?

In my journal I wrote,
"Oh God. Oh God. Oh my God. Oh my God."
That's all I can seem to say.
"Oh my God."
Translation: Holy cow! Oh my! Wow! Oh my gosh!
::heart races::

14"So now I am going to draw her back to me.
I will lead her into the desert.
There I will speak tenderly to her.
15I will give her back her vineyards.
I will make the Valley of Achor a door of hope for her.
Then she will love me, as she did when she was young.
She will love me just as she did
when she came up out of Egypt.

"Then she will love me, as she did when she was young."
I am speechless! I WANT this! I CRAVE this!
16"A new day is coming," announces the Lord.
"Israel will call me My Husband.
She will no longer call me My Master.

A new day is coming!!!!!!!!!
17She will no longer speak about the gods
that are named after Baal.
She will not pray to them for help anymore.
18At that time I will make a covenant
for the good of my people.
I will make it with the wild animals
and the birds of the air.
It will also be made with the creatures
that move on the ground.
I will remove bows and swords
and other weapons of war from the land.
Then my people can lie down in safety.
19I will make Israel my own.
She will belong to me forever.
I will do to her what is right and fair.
I will love her tenderly.

"I will love her tenderly."
20I will be faithful to her.
And she will recognize me as the Lord.

"And she will recognize me as the Lord."
You are MY GOD!
21"So at that time I will answer her,"
announces the Lord.
"I will command the skies
to send rain on the earth.
22Then the earth will produce grain, olive oil and fresh wine.
And Israel will be called Jezreel.
That is because I will answer her prayers.
23I will plant her in the land for myself.
I will show my love to the one I called Not My Loved One.
I will say, 'You are my people'
to those who were called Not My People.
And they will say, 'You are my God.' "

"and they will say, 'You are my God'"
From the tip of my toes, to the top of my head,
they're gonna know that I love you!
I want to explode with praise!!!

We've crossed a line, and we've crossed it.
Some would say that we've lost it.
We've found our joy. It's the joy of loving You!
Who cares what they say!
We've found our joy!!!

Father, oh my goodness...I could kneel here crying in your presence forever. You thrill me, Lord. You THRILL me! Father, I don't have much to say, but thank you. THANK YOU!!! I need you and I have craved you soooo much! THANK YOU for pursuing me and THANK YOU for embracing me in your grace and freedom! I am FREE in you! I feel your embrace and your love. I can feel you wrapping me in your arms. I feel your warmth. I just want to dance in your presence forever! Can I?

Father, send peace to my dear friends and family, to those who are weary and tired, and to those who are searching for hope and joy! Send them joy and freedom! Father, in the name of Jesus Christ I ask you to send to them your Holy Spirit, that they may be overcome with your presence! I beg of you Father that they hear you and see you like never before! Blow their minds away! Speak over them in love and gentleness! Awaken their spirits! Speak life into their hearts! Dance with them, Father!

Lord, you are perfect, holy and beautiful. Wonderful. My healer. My provider. My friend. My love. My joy. My hope. My King. My Master. You make me the happiest I've ever been! I never want to leave your presence! Father, please please PLEASE never stop pursuing me! I want you! Always and forever! Nothing compares to you! Nothing.


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