Work it Wednesday

Fine motor skills. We've got them here at the Strasburger household! 

At one point I was obsessed with Pinterest. For real now. Before Hannah and after college, when I had countless hours of free time, I was pinning anything and everything. Not everything I use (Haha, like any of us DO half of what we pin on pinterest!) but some findings have been very helpful! This is one of those things...

All you need are:

Pipe Cleaners
and a

Is it really that easy?
Yes. Now set your child down so they can play with it!

Check out that serious 'tude! She was so focused she forgot to smile! :)

Hannah spent a gazillion hours (well, it seemed like it) playing with this! You could hear her frustration but she kept trying! 

The point is to learn how to put the pipe cleaners through the holes in the colander. It's amazing how difficult it can be for our little ones. I could see Hannah's hands shaking as she was trying to slowly and perfectly put the pipe cleaner into the holes. It was the coolest thing to watch! A bonus: I was able to get some work done without her flipping out every time I moved to another room! Yay!

So go pull out your pipe cleaners and strainers and get to playing!!! 

I pray for rest in your sleep or lack of sleep this evening!
God is good!

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