DIY: Lamp Revamp

The only products I used: a sharpie and some acrylic paint I had on hand. Talk about cheap!

Okay, so, my parents gave me this lamp. I loooved the body and found the curves and details to be quite beautiful. However, I hated the lamp shade and the color bronze just wouldn't go with anything I have. So I decided I to paint the body and either find a new lamp shade or somehow, try revamp it.

I saw an awesome diy on Pinterest recently that showed a lamp shade in which they wrote on the lamp shade with a sharpie.

Yay! I might like sharpie crafts a bit too much, so that is totally what I did!

This lamp shade is suede. Blech! I figured if this didn't turn out good, I was going to get a new lamp shade anyway. I chose to write Psalm 139 on it and when I realized that I had more room I wrote Psalm 100 down as well.

I painted the lamp body white with acrylic paint I had on hand. I left brush strokes that are slightly visible simply because I like that look. I don't always like a neat painting job.

After writing on it.
Two products: Sharpie and Acrylic
How do you think it turned out? I really like it!

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