Simple Ways to Show Love on a Busy Day

You've probably seen my previous post A Letter to My Brother, where I talked 
about him getting married and gave him some advice to which I have learned over my 
short (three years) time of being married. Well, this is in response to the chaos of wedding weekends.

We so often get so busy that it's hard to show our significant other those loving touches,
 caring words and flirtatious attitude. I was surprised with how easily my husband and I were able to express love to each even though it felt like we hardly saw each other. So I'd like to share 
some things that I noticed worked for us now and have worked for in the past!

showing love on a busy day


Be physical whenever you can!
Rest your head on his shoulders if you're having to stand around for a minute.
Grab hands even if it's just for a split second.
Touch his or her back or waist gently as you pass by.
Hug him/her tightly whenever you can pause for two seconds.


Use your eyes and body language to flirt from across the room!
Create and use code words that only your spouse will understand.
Give him/her a quick tap on the bottom as you walk on by.
 For the ladies: do a little model walk to get his attention!
Make eye contact and smile.


I like to leave Chris sweet messages sometimes by writing on our mirror or on 
our washing machine with a dry erase marker.
In college I used to leave sticky notes on his steering wheel.
Write a letter when you have time, and on a busy day, slip it into his/her pocket. 


If your spouse is busy, bring him/her a drink or snack.
Be in tune with what he may need and help him out if you can.
If you're spouse is busy, do a chore that is on her to-do list.


Text or e-mail her throughout the day.
Give praise and show appreciation.

I hope you find these helpful! And I hope you find more ways to show your 
spouse love on those busy busy days!

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