5 Ways to Keep Your Toddler Busy (When You Have Things to Do)

5 Ways to Keep Kids Busy (When You Have Things to Do)

Hannah is the type that wants to constantly be challenged. She is just now getting to the point where she wants to waste tons of energy. 

Run run run run...jump jump run run...spin around in circles.

...but up until now, my smarty-pants was always getting bored and we had to find things to challenge her and keep her busy. Here's what we found works best for our little girl and maybe just maybe they work for your little one(s), too!

1. Let them play with money and their piggy bank.
-...this is, of course, if you can trust them with coins. You'd be surprised how long my child plays with her piggy bank. She's sat quiet and in the same spot for well over an hour before! For real now...that is the most quiet she has ever been!

2. Pipe Cleaners and a Colander
-Our little smarty-pants likes to solve puzzles and play with things that aren't daily toys. Hence the kitchen stuff. :) This too, has kept her busy for well over an hour.

3. Let them play outside. themselves if possible. Kids, the LOVE to explore. For reals now. Hannah will spend hours outside if I let her. We have a small back porch, but when I let her wander out even farther in our yard, she loooves it!

4. Water Play!
-We were blessed with a hand-me-down kiddie pool. I fill it up with water and Hannah goes crazy every time. Give them toys that they can toss in the water. Plastic bowls and cups and let them get wet! (She clearly likes to toss my kitchen towels in there, but why not!)

5. Let them play in the dirt!
-Okay, okay! I know that most moms do not like the idea of their kids getting super dirty, especially with mud and stuff, but if you can set aside some time for play (and then a bath right after), you've easily gained an hour or two of mommy time!

There you go! FIVE free (or ridiculously cheap if you count having to buy pipe cleaners) kids activities that give you plenty of mommy time and tons of fun for your kids! :)

Share what works for you and your kids!

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