A Letter to my Brother | You're Getting Married Today

You're getting married today. 
Can I just pause and take a breath?
You are getting

I have so many stories!!!

I remember the many times that we stayed up to the wee hours of the night
talking about God, relationships, parents, school, and life. I remember how many
times you asked me how school was and I responded with "shut up!" I am so so sorry, David.
I remember watching your relationship grow with Chris and how much it meant
to me to see you two really enjoying each other. I remember all the times that you,
me and Stacy stayed up watching funny youtube videos. Laughing the night away.
I remember all the times you walked into a room and whatever you said was always
something that convicted us and you had no idea what you had even said. (You know what I mean.)
I remember how you stayed with Chris and I for weeks when Hannah was first born and how you would wake up and check on me whenever Hannah was crying and I had to change her diaper at 4am.
I have seen the joy in your eyes whenever you've met your new nephew and your new niece.
I have seen cry. I have seen you laugh so hard that you can't breathe. I have seen you angry. I have seen you disappointed. and I have seen you so happy that you've actually jumped in
place (asking Chelsea out was one of those times). I remember how annoying
you were as a little brother. Haha...

But let me tell you something...
I have seen you GROW!!!
I have been able to witness with my own two eyes how smart, intelligent, generous,
loving, caring, compassionate, passionate, hard-working, understanding, respectable, fearless,
confident, genuine, honest, and just straight out KIND you have become!
I have seen you fall in love with Jesus Christ and I have seen you fall in love with Chelsea!
I have seen you speak TRUTH (God's truth) and I have seen your confidence in Him!
You make me proud. Very very proud.

 I have some things to tell you as you enter into this marriage. 
They are things that I have learned and some things that I KNOW Chris has learned.

<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>


I have sooo many pieces of advice to give you. Trust me, 
I spent hours on this and then deleted it all in the end. 
There will come another day that I can share in detail all 
my learning's in my own marriage. Here is what I have to say to you:

You have TIME. You have TIME to get into the Word 
and TIME to be with and love on your wife (and future kids). Don't be fooled otherwise. (If you literally are so busy that you have no time, something needs to be cut off.)

If you never know what to do in a situation, remember this:
(Ex: If you've been hurt or you're angry, but you know 

God has called you to love your wife...humble yourself and 
serve her and you will be amazed at how quickly God 
will change your attitude and desires! Take it as a challenge if you have to. "Anger, you do NOT own me! I am NOT a slave to you! I WILL serve and love my wife!")

God's timing is not our own, but in our journey He has 
given us ALL that we could possibly need in order to become the godly men and women He has planned for us to be! (2 Peter 1:3)

Be patient. Marriage is growth. 
E V E R Y T H I N G in marriage involves personal growth, 
and personal growth takes time (a lifetime in fact).
PRAY for and with your spouse!
Talk about your future desires and plans...A LOT
 Talk about the memories you've made together...A LOT
Be honest. Don't keep secrets. Any. It will hurt your 
marriage even when your spouse is in the dark. 
It affects our attitudes and our desires before we even realize it.

Give your wife a thousand kisses everyday! 
Even if it seems like she is too busy or doesn't want them. 
Flirt with her daily! Make it a goal to make her squeal and 
giggle at some point every day! 

God has made you ONE and with that said: 
If one of you is hurting, struggling, or straying away 
from God, it affects you both!  The same goes vice versa. 
Go after God and your spouse will follow in due time!  
Remember, that as ONE, each of you has needs. Do not withhold these needs, no matter what they are. YOU are your spouses partner in life. No one else plays your role.

Laugh with each other. 
Date each other. 
Make time for each other. 
Uplift each other.

Marriage is not just about being married, being able 
to be together every day and every night, it is not just 
about our happiness, (although God plans to give you an overflowing amount of joy, pleasure and love in marriage)
 but rather to bring us to becoming more and more like Christ. Holy. Remember this on the harder days and NEVER GIVE UP!

I love you both so much and I am so excited for you!
Marriage has been one of the most thrilling things I have ever been through in my life! I am far more in love with Chris today than I was when I "fell in love" with him (all because of Christ). Chris and I pray for you both often! We absolutely love you and we cannot wait to see how God uses you and what men and women you become in His arms!

May the Lord of Lords and King of Kings 
bring you peace and joy and grace!

Your Sis,

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