30+ Ways to Tell if You're a Mom

Okay you guys. Being honest, some days I just like reading some mom humor! Is anyone else like that? I ran across this gem as I was on Facebook the other day and I just DIED laughing!!! So I thought I would share some mom funnies today!

Thanks to some awesome mommy friends of mine, I have a huge list for you!!!

You know you're a mom when...

1. You say things like "don't lick the cat!" on a normal basis.
2. You have everything in your purse you could possibly imagine...except money.
3. You can walk in the door coming home from work and have already done 34 things in only four minutes.

4. You regularly have to move things that are climbable so that no one swan dives onto the ground.
5. You have to check the toilet for foreign objects before using it.
6. You find yourself humming nursery rhymes or singalongs instead of the latest music.

7. You have Disney princess or spider-man decor.
8. You are a cheerleader for bowel movements.
9. You pick other people's noses.

10. You're so tired you let your children make a mess with food, simply because you know they'll still eat it. 
11. You are used to using your spit to clean things. 
12. You're whole life is planned around eating what, when, and how.

13. Grocery shopping alone sounds like a vacation.
14. It's perfectly normal to carry someone else's underwear in your purse.
15. You forget to close the bathroom door at friend's houses because, what is privacy?

16. You can hear a baby's cry from across the store.
17. It's instinct to use someone's clothes to wipe boogers.
18. You're house could rival a local play cafe in toy volume.

19. You don't panic at mysterious fluids on your bed, but instead, lay a towel down and fall back asleep.
20. You are no longer afraid of being the next person in the house to get sick.
21. It doesn't even phase you that you might have puke, poop, pee, snot and throw up all over your clothes. (Lord knows I went through that phase!)

22. You watch the same movie at least five times a day.
23. You have to stay up late just to have some alone time.
24. Your bed is turned into a trampoline first thing in the morning.

25. You take it personally when a stranger doesn't wave back at your child.
26. You are used to getting poop on your hands.
27.  At least once every other week you fall asleep wherever you're at, no matter what position you're in.

28. Eating a complete meal by yourself is like heaven.
29. You know how to bake and cook while people play with your legs.
30. You've just cleaned an entire room and only two seconds later, it's already completely destroyed.

Hahaha! I died laughing when I read these!
How about you??? 
Can you relate to any of these? Do you have anymore to add to this list?

For reals, yo.

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