Becoming RESPONSIBLE for Teaching Your Toddler the Ways of God

Becoming RESPONSIBLE for Teaching Your Toddler the Ways of God

This is going to be a short and sweet post compared to some of my others, 
but I was given a "wake up call" this week as I was writing in my journal. 

I am RESPONSIBLE for raising my child.
Not just teaching her what an elbow is or how to put trash in the trash can, but real life stuff. 
How to speak to others, how to be forgiving, how to love...

I enjoy looking back at my journal entries from last year! 
I love to see where our marriage was, what Hannah's new tricks were at the time 
and what all was going on at the Strasburger household. I haven't written in it in least a month, 
so I thought it was about time that I updated it.

So I wrote about lots of things going on (baby #2, Love Languages, Jesus, my brother 
getting married, personal convictions) but what hit me was when I started writing about how much smarter Hannah has gotten in the past week and how she is growing up so quickly! She's only eighteen months and she is so smart for a toddler! She so badly wants to do everything that her mommy and daddy do!

She knows how to say an entirely new list of words and can now show you where 
her cheeks, knees, legs, armpits and elbows are! 
She is starting to make statements like "no mama, no", "bye bye daddy", 
"night night baby" and yesterday she told her baby brother/sister "Hi baby!" 
She likes it when I "put deodorant on her armpits" and she loves it when I paint her toe nails! 
She likes brushing her own teeth, brushing her own hair, and wiping her own booty!

I am telling you...she is growing up WAY TOO FAST!!!
She understands so much more than I ever thought an 18 month old would and surprises 
me every day with new things she's learned!

So it hit me as I was writing all this down (in my journal) that it is no longer my only responsibility 
to simply teach her how to DO stuff, but now I have to teach her how to speak, listen, love, 
be a woman, and to pursue God. 

I've never had to really worry too much about how I act around her or what I say until now. I might be a little terrified as more and more I realize that I am responsible for my actions while leading and raising her---that I am responsible for guiding her to Christ and raising her to KNOW God and His Word!

I have no idea how I am going to accomplish this. I guess I am just going to have
to take one day at a time, even one minute at a time, and just remember what I have been taught all these years.

All I know is...
I am responsible in teaching my toddler about this world and more importantly, the ways of God.
It's now time for me to teach her so much more!

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