I'm a Myth Buster!!!

I am a myth buster!!! It's official!

Pregnancy Symptoms

For those of you who don't know...we're having a girl!!! Another little princess will be running around our home by this time next year and we've decided to name her Charlotte! We are so thrilled that Hannah gets to have a little sister! We were so sure it was a boy, but God has a good sense of humor (as we like to say sometimes)! This pregnancy was so different than with Hannah. I guess that just threw us for a loop!

When your pregnancy is like, the complete opposite, it's supposed to mean 
you're having the opposite gender, right??? WRONG.

When I got pregnant with my first, Hannah, I joined so many mom forums and pregnancy apps. I had so many questions and all the time! Questions that ranged from "Are my cravings weird?" to "I haven't felt my baby move much in the past two days, what do I do?"

One thing that moms seem to talk about a lot is how different each pregnancy is, because it's a mystery! It really is! People tend to think that their girl pregnancies are really different than their boy pregnancies. I don't really know.

From everything that I've read, all pregnancies are different and not just because of gender. But mom-to-be's have very hopeful and wishful speech almost always! We love to day dream about the things we don't know just yet! Is this little wiggle worm a boy or a girl? What is she going to look like? Like her daddy? Like me? Like her sister/brother? What will her personality be like? So many mysteries that are yet to be unraveled!

Simply because I just found this whole ordeal rather silly, I thought I'd share 
why my pregnancies have been so different!

For all you pregnant beauties, here are my symptoms for my two very different pregnancies!

Hannah vs. Charlotte

 No Morning Sickness --- All Day Every Day Sickness
             Mood Swings --- Not So Many Mood Swings
Craved OJ & Chicken  --- Craving Chicken & Cheese
Craved Sweets --- Not Liking Sweet
Exhausted 24/7 --- Energy 24/7
Happy Go Lucky --- Depressed (For A Bit)
Hated Smells --- Hate Smells
 Hair Growth --- No Hair Growth
Leg Hairs Stopped Growing --- Leg Hair Growth The Same
Gained Lots of Weight Quickly --- 20 Weeks & I haven't Gained 1 Lb.
No Weird Cravings --- Craving Beer & Pork
Lots of Random Strong Movement --- Lots of Constant Gentle Movement
Acid Reflux at The End --- Acid Reflux/Heart Burn
Leg Cramps at Random --- Leg Cramps Almost Every Night
HOT HOT HOT!!! --- Reacting to Cold Weather Appropriately 
Restless Sleep --- Normal Sleep
Vivid Dreams --- Nightmares & Vivid Dreams

See? They are each different! Very different for this momma-to-be!
So what are your symptoms mama??? Are they crazy? Out of control? Just plain weird?
Haha! I'm just kidding! Or am I???

Okay, I need to go to sleep now. This mama's going a little crazy! ;)

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