Teaching Your Toddler About God

So, I previously wrote about my realizing that Hannah is now needing to learn so much more than just the basics! How she now needs to learn the ways of God and the things of life! Post here.

I've read so many articles and blog posts on teaching children about God and I did even more reading once I began to realize that she was growing up! Everything that I've read, it's so simple. It might have been so simple that I just forgot that it wasn't that long as I, myself, am already in the Word and working on my own relationship with God.

I wrote out everything I read at first, but then some of it just didn't stick with me. It's all good advice, but for me, these are what stood out:

Number 1
In one post, the author mentioned that before you get too crazy teaching the Word of God to your kids, you need to clarify your own beliefs. True! Although you will learn so much more while reading the Word with your children, I really do believe that it is important to know where you stand in your own faith when teaching kids.

Number 2
We need to be praying with our children and for our children! Praying at dinner time and before bed. Pretty much any chance we can!

Number 3
Listening to and singing Christian music! Watch Christian-based movies and television shows.

Number 4
Reading them Bible stories and talking to them about Christ. Read Christian-based books. Read aloud as a family. Make it fun and make the stories come to life! 

Number 5
Live by example. Be kind, be respectful, be honest, be giving, be selfless...etc. Don't pretend to have all the answers. Be real with your kids. Use real life circumstances to teach them more about God.

There are so many wonderful ways to share the Word with our children but these were such a reminder of how simple it should be!

What I Plan To Do
In addition to this simple yet GREAT list, I plan to invest in some really good Children's 
Bibles and Devotionals. I definitely do not have these on our shelves. Shame on me.
Below are some Bibles and Devotionals that I have found to have high ratings and 
seem like something that would work for Hannah and this little one in my belly. 

Take a look at these and the others that are within the links below! 
You might find some awesome new books for your little ones!

Hide and Seek Devotional by Stephen Elkins

 and there is so much more!!!


I am ending this post, soaking in these simple reminders to live by example, to read, sing, and talk about Christ on a daily basis! Now I just have to put them into practice!!! 
Would YOU hold me accountable??

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