Listening to: Oh my goodness, I've been killing me some:

YOU MAKE ME BRAVE sung by Amanda Cook (My favorite right now!)
FOREVER sung by Kari Jobe
GLORIOUS UNFOLDING by Steven Curtis Chapman
and COME TO ME sung by Jenn Johnson!

Worship has seriously been surrounding our house lately. It's been GOOD!

Reading: I would still love to be reading more books, but right now, the Bible is good enough for me! No, seriously. It sounds to corny and clique saying it that way, but, it has been far too long since I've spent some for real quality time in the Word. I shared in a recent post (you can read all about it right here) about my convictions; one of them being to wake up early to dive into the Word. Well, I've been doing just that! Or trying to!

It's getting cold, though. For reals yo.

Thinking about: Let me tell you...I am SO EXCITED about fixing up Hannah's room into a girl's room, especially now that the little one in my belly has turned out to be another girl! I have so many ideas!!! I could ramble on about how I want to paint their room gray and possibly put white or gold polk-a-dots on the back wall and make Hannah a tent slash reading nook area...but that might bore you! ;) Instead, let me share with you my inspiration for the moment!!!

Wishing: I am truly say that I am not wishing for much right now. I am content. Of course I'd love to go pick out a couple of new little girl outfits but that can wait! :)

Thankful for: This cooler weather, these windy days, good friends, great husband, my adventurous little girl and this new little princess on the way!



Where you can find me this week: No where! Haha! One) I have been so stinkin' tired lately that I've been falling asleep at eight every night and Two) We're on a spending freeze! I don't want to get out and tempt myself to spend any money, haha!

Eating: Huh. Such a good question. I've been eating a lot of grilled cheese and bean burritos. French toast has definitely been on my breakfast menu a few times this week, which is possibly one of the simplest breakfast treats ever! Hannah has been eating peas and beans, eggs, peanut butter sandwiches and leftover chicken and dumplings! Today she had boiled eggs for breakfast and she loved them!!

Photographing: It's picking up the pace once again, but a mommy's schedule is forever changing! I have many more sessions coming up this month and next, so hopefully you all will be seeing more from Strasburger Photography in the near future!

Until next time!

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