Pine Cone Fall (or Christmas!) Decor DIY

This craft is so easy and I am pretty satisfied with it's turnout! I am like one
 of the many who cannot afford to go out and buy holiday decor, so this craft idea was really fun!

All you need is:

Pine Cones
Spray Paint (I had gold in my stash.)
Spare Ribbon
Hot Glue
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1. 
Spray your pine cones whatever color you want. I have gold in my stash, so I stuck with that beautiful holiday color!

Step 2.
While they're drying, cut the length of your string. I used twine that I had in my craft box. I ended up doing it the long way, but you can attach a pine cone to each end of your string or attach a pine cone to the end of each separate piece of string. I attached them to separate strings (the long way).

Step 3.
Tie a knot onto the end of each string so that there is more to attach or stick to the pine cone.

Step 4.
Hot glue the knots (on the string) to each pine cone.

Step 5. 
Once completely dry, lay out your pine cones in the way in which you want them to fall. Uneven lengths will look best! If you've cut separate strings, then tie the strings together at the top.

Step 6.
Spare ribbon. Tie it to your string so that there's a loop left at the very top. You want the loop so that you can hook it onto a nail or hook in your home. If you've used separate strings, then fold the excess string under the ribbon. It will not be seen, I promise. Let your ribbon fall and cut it at the desired length.

Step 7.
Hang it up and admire your cute new decor! 
You made it! Be proud of it!

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