10 Tips for a Better Pregnancy

I am a very low-maintenance mama, so this list is not anything extraordinary but they are things that I have been learning throughout pregnancy. 

This is my second pregnancy and I can tell you, I am just now (at 30 weeks) remembering to do these things! I think that they are a good reminder, even if you are almost to your due date or pregnant with your third or fourth child!

#1 Stretch regularly. I can't even begin to explain to you what this does to your body, but you will be able to tell the difference, no doubt! It feels so good! It gets your blood flowing and really releases some good hormones. It's good for you more than you know! Do it!!!

#2 Exercise often. Even if you haven't been exercising before pregnancy, at least go on walks. It can sometimes be difficult at first, with a heavy baby and all in that belly, but it feels so good! Just like exercise feels good when you're your normal self, it feels good now. It will give you some more energy and boost your mood almost instantly. Guaranteed. I started taking Hannah on walks this pregnancy and all I do is walk up the road and come back. I'm not hard care by any means, so that's enough for me and it helps a lot!

#3 Drink lots of water. I am so guilty of this. I suck at drinking water. With Hannah I was constantly thirsty. This pregnancy is different and I'm finding it harder to remember to drink water. Find the best way for you to drink and carry water, and I promise you that you will feel a boost in energy and your body will feel so much healthier. It also helps to flush out a lot of bad stuff that you might take in because of your bad Runts and Cheesy Bread cravings! Oops!

#4 Take naps. Even if all you do is take a quick fifteen minute power nap, do it! Your body needs the rest. You will not regret it.

#5 Put your feet up. Rest. Relax. Don't feel guilty about this. You don't want to go into early labor because you never take a break! Rest that belly of yours, your hips, back, legs and feet, too! Trust me, you'll feel the pain of a day constantly on your feet. You will wish you would have taken a break! Literally put your feet up for a few minutes every day (this doesn't include when you're in bed trying to fall asleep).

#6 Eat well. My two pregnancies have been so different. With Hannah I ate and drank anything I wanted and as much of it as I wanted. With Charlie, I'm not as hungry and I don't have any cravings to satisfy, so I don't eat as much. Find foods that will satisfy you that are a tiny bit healthier. Homemade fruit smoothies are a good snack whenever you're craving sugar. Eat some chocolate covered strawberries or drink a glass of orange juice if you're wanting something sugary. Eat pretzels, chips and bean dip, or even veggies if you are wanting something salty! Now, I am in no way telling you NOT to eat exactly what you want, but in order to feel your best...don't eat Dominos Cheesy Bread every day, or a container of ice cream. Go get a frappuccino! That's okay! They're delicious! Just remember to put in some healthier options throughout the day. Don't eat junk all day long if you can help it!

#7 Get a pedicure. Even if you're not a fan of getting your toes done, get the bigger package. The massage alone is worth it. Get pampered! You deserve it! Your body deserves it!

#8 Wear clothes that fits. Again, my pregnancies have been different. This round I haven't fit into my old maternity clothes and it has seriously made me a little depressed! I can't tell you how good it feels to simply wear clothes that fits! I now have one pair of jeans that fit and possibly four to five shirts, but they are my favorite, because they fit! Clothes that fits you gives you an almost instant mood boost!

#9 Daydream and plan. Planning for your baby's arrival is essential, of course. Don't wait until the last minute. You'll be panicking if you put off planning for your baby's arrival. It doesn't all have to be done today, but talk about it regularly. Even if nothing is completely set in stone, talk about it until you are at peace about it. Sometimes it can lead to feeling insecure and unsure about motherhood if you haven't really thought about any of it. So day dream about nurseries and birth plans! Day dream about nursing your baby and co-sleeping with your baby! These things are soon to be your future, so there is no harm in continually thinking and discussing these things with your spouse! It's actually beneficial! It will take so much stress off of you! Less stress is a good thing!

#10 Talk to your baby. Yep. Be that weird mama that talks to her baby in the womb. Tell him/her all about what you are doing presently and what you are thinking about. You baby can hear you and she/he will recognize your voice! Crazy, huh? I talked constantly to Hannah when she was in my belly and I can't tell you how connected I felt to her! I would read the Bible to her, pray for daddy with her, talk to her while I was making dinner, tell her "good morning" name it! I felt so unbelievably connected with her! With Charlie, there is so much going on that I hardly talk directly to her. I wish I talked to her more often, because I definitely don't feel the bond like I did with Hannah at this time. It makes me a little sad. So, take it from to you baby, lots!!! You won't regret it! It will boost your mood significantly and you will feel so much more secure in your motherhood, knowing that you are already bonding with your little one!

What do you think about these pregnancy tips? 
Do you have any tips to add to my list? I'd love to hear 'em!

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