Currently and a Bump Update

Every now and then I share a post just about what's going on in my life, what I'm listening to, reading, thinking about, wishing for, thankful for, what I am photographing and how pregnancy is going. It's what's currently going on in my life and that's about it!

Listening to: I'll be honest, I really haven't listened to much lately. Except for Frozen. I'm almost certain that I can now quote the entire movie. I have never seen this girl zone out before, but when it comes to Frozen...oh man! That's two hours of peace I won't get any other way!

Reading: I am trying to be purposeful in diving into the Word every day. I've been so busy and pregnancy makes me so scatter-brained that I get distracted easily. It's getting easier though. I find myself really wanting to pick up the Bible at random times of the day. I was reading in 1 Samuel and in Luke, but I had a few slow days and when I picked it back up I felt the desire to read in Psalms, which has been sooo encouraging to me this week! I am wanting to make reading every day a new life habit. 

Thinking About: I'm definitely still thinking a lot about fixing up Hannah's room and some other areas of our house. Chris and I just recently purchased some paint and plan to paint our kitchen chairs a charcoal color. I'm also daydreaming about how to brighten up my fireplace and mantle. It's so dull and dark and I like BRIGHT! :)

Other than house stuff, I can't stop thinking about what it's going to be like having TWO little girls in just a short few months. I have no idea what I'm going to feel! I've felt the love of one little angel, what will it be like to have two little angels in my care? I'm terrified and thrilled!

I've got lots of personal things or convictions that I need to work on, but that's a topic for another day!

Thankful For: My husband. Seriously. He has been so amazing these past few weeks! He's always amazing but he has really been outdoing himself lately! Cleaning the house every single day to the point it looks like a picture out of a magazine! Getting up with Hannah without complaint. Serving me every day by his own willingness and servant heart and most of the time I don't even ask. He has bought me flowers, candy, and pizza this week on different days. He continually surprises me and I hope to really bless him right back. He's a great man for loving me through this chaos of toddlerhood and pregnancy! Goodness knows it does a number on people! His love for Hannah grows every day and I see it! It's a beautiful thing and I am so happy that this is happening right before me!

I am so thankful for Hannnah, too. Her heart is HUGE! She is so loving and caring! Anytime I'm sleeping, she will come up to me and gently play with my hair and give me kisses all over my face, head and sometimes my arms! She loves to care for me and for Chris. It's kind of crazy, but oh so beautiful! She loves it when I lean into her so that she can put her arm around my neck and hold me close to her face. She'll pull us in just to hug us and kiss us. She won't let us go, either. She'll just sit there, holding us and giving us kisses! Her heart is so wonderful! Some of you may know that I went through a phase of depression and in that depression period, Hannah was seriously acting out. (Post here.) However, she has definitely changed now. That's not to say she won't go through another phase, but this sweet, gentle, loving child is such a blessing to me right now! I often get frustrated because she can be so demanding and exhausting but lately my heart is so warmed by her. She brings me so much comfort. We cuddle so much right now and she covers me with kisses. She loves to tell me all that she knows and loves to see me smile at her. She seeks out my praise every single day and it is such a wonderful thing to see! I see the joy on her face when her daddy comes home from work and she's showing off for him!

I could go on. My life is by no means perfect, but oh man, it is beautiful!!! I am so in love with my sweet little family! God has blessed us with love and joy! 

Don't get me wrong, we have disagreements, small arguments and fights regularly, but by the grace of God we are learning how to become more selfless, more caring and more forgiving! For THAT, I am so grateful!!! God is good!

Where you can find me this week: At home. I'm trying to drive a little less since we were never at home during the holidays. Also, we're all needing a little down time and some relaxation time. It doesn't help that this flu and bronchitis stuff has been floating around! We're trying to rest up because we've all caught a tiny bit of it! Another thing to be grateful for: We haven't gotten full-blown flu or bronchitis sickness yet, and hopefully won't! 

Pregnancy Update: I am officially 29 weeks pregnant!!! We're almost there! Eleven weeks to go! Next week will be only 10 more weeks! Oh my goodness! I'm seriously freaking out! What am I going to do with TWO little girls??? EEP! 

Baby Charlotte has done A LOT of growing this past month! This is her growth in December alone! Wowza! I don't remember such a quick growth spurt with Hannah. Do you remember going through this with your little ones?

I've gained some, but I haven't gained even 20lbs yet. My appetite is definitely not what it was when I was pregnant with Hannah! It's crazy how very different these pregnancies are! With Hannah I craved everything I thought of and everything in my sight, but with Charlotte I've had a loss of appetite and it's never really picked up. Food kind of grosses me out this pregnancy.

I have the WORST heart burn and it hurts so badly. I can't wait for it to go away. I'm also constantly sore. Charlotte is so low that I almost always feel like I'm just recovering from labor! I'm pretty sure that's not too good. I'm realizing that I need to really take it easy these next couple of months so that I don't push it. I don't want to encourage an early labor. Hannah was never this low, not even towards the end!

Charlotte has gotten extremely active but I can almost never catch her in the act! She is constantly running in place, punching, kicking and rolling around! I see her jump all the time. She's so quick, too! She seems so hyperactive! Haha! I am so interested to see what her personality is like as she gets older!

I'm definitely getting to that point where I can say that "I'm definitely pregnant". You know what I mean? I've got the preggo stance down to an art already. The preggo walk is not quite present yet, but I feel it whenever I'm tired. The preggo back ache and sore feet are definitely starting to kick in at the end of each day. Yep. I'm definitely pregnant. Haha!

Now, what about you? What have you been up to these days? Are you reading anything good that you'd like to share with the rest of us? Are you listening to any new favorite artists or songs? What has been occupying your mind this week? What are you thankful for today? Where can I find you if I wanted to spend some time with you?

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