My 6 New Year Resolutions - An Update

We're coming to end of January 2015 and I have already seen how God has been helping me accomplish some of the things I have had a desire for this year. I thought I'd share, seeing as I wrote about my New Year Resolutions on here not too long here.

1. Reading the Bible everyday.

So far, this hasn't happened...BUT...I've been waking up faithfully around 6:20 every morning, not in my own doing, but my body keeps waking me up. I'll be awake for at least fifteen or twenty minutes before falling asleep again. Well, I was having a conversation with my mom the other day---I can't even remember what we were talking about, but it hit me---"Maybe God is giving me an opportunity to wake up early like he's been telling me to for months now!"

Chris and I are currently attending a Sunday school/Connections class at our church and this semester we are talking about Obedience to God---when we've obeyed, the results---when we didn't obey, and the results. This is something I can see that God is teaching me at home as well right now.

So back to my soon as I realized that my body waking me up early, was really God, I decided to get up the next time he woke me up. May I remind you that every time I have tried to wake up early on my own, Hannah beats me to the punch.  This time, however, every time I have gotten up when God woke me up...Hannah slept in past eight!!! I have been able to read the Word, pray, even do a tiny bit of tidying up before she wakes up! God answers when his children are obedient---yes He does!

PROGRESS: God has been waking me up around 6:30am every day, and as soon as I realized it was HIM waking me up, I began to take those opportunities he was giving me and get up to read! As a result---Hannah has been sleeping in past 8:00 (she's been waking up at 6:30) and I have been able to read his Word faithfully like he has been asking me to!

2. Try harder on my appearance.

Okay, so, I was definitely working on it, but then exhaustion hit! This mama has 7.5 weeks left before baby #2 arrives---ACK!!! I was curling my hair daily, pinning it differently each day or just leaving it all fluffy! I'm still trying to make sure that I am clean, wearing outfits that actually go together (yea, I don't normally care too much about that), and cute shoes, but I haven't gotten too far into this...but hey, I've got all year!

PROGRESS: I made progress for a little bit, but then baby #2 decided she'd rather I sleep! Haha! Preggo fatigue...woohoo!

3. Showing Chris love using his love language. 

I have definitely been working on this. It's always a learning process. I'm learning how to express my gratitude, but now I need to really work on my variety of compliments and creativity. I can write him notes all day, but I also need to save some to actually speak TO HIM. 

PROGRESS: Getting better, now I just need to work on variety! 

4. Spend more one-on-one time with Chris. 

This has definitely gotten better, at least I think it has. We haven't been out on a date in a while, but we've been reading the Word together every night after Hannah goes to bed and we've been talking for a looong time once sitting down together. I have seriously enjoyed this! Chris has been working late for a while now, but the past couple of days he has gotten home earlier---or rather, on time. We've had so much more time with each other because of this. 

PROGRESS: We've definitely had more one-on-one time these past couple of weeks and it has been great! I hope it continues!

5. Reach target weight after baby #2 arrives.

Well, baby #2 is not here yet, progress yet! In fact, my appetite has finally kicked in and I'm pretty sure I am going to start picking up the weight now! Ack!

PROGRESS: None. No baby yet! :)

6. Know where every penny in our budget goes.

Okay, now THIS has gotten better! We've figured out a new way to budget each paycheck in order to build our savings and knock out our little bit of debt (another goal for this year). Because we have a new system, we know where every penny goes! It's so great! Progress!

PROGRESS: We have a new budgeting system now which is working for us and yep...we're making progress! Yay!!!

So how about you? How are you doing on your New Year Resolutions and 2015 goals?

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