FIVE Simple Tips for SAVING MONEY on GAS

I've mentioned before, that Chris and I are working to build our savings, knock out some debt and just in general, keep track of our money. One way to save money is to use less on gas. There are many ways to do this without cutting back too much on your driving. I've done tons of research over the years on this topic and have practiced these rules often.

I can guarantee you that you will SAVE money on gas 
if you follow these rules! 

I am hoping to start abiding by these once again to save a little on gas, seeing as I'm out and about almost every day.

1. Don't drive every day. Pick one or two days that you don't drive if you don't have to. Make one trip, instead of five. Plan your errands in advance and decide on the best time and route.

2. Coast. Do this whenever you can! It's easiest when you are going downhill or come to a stop light/sign. ...but they are plenty of opportunities that you can coast a good bit down a road. Try it out when there's not really anyone behind you. Quit pressing the gas when you don't have to! 

3. Ease up on the lead foot. Really, quit hitting the gas pedal. Play the granny role when you finally get a green light. It takes getting used to, especially if you have a heavy foot (and most of us do), but it's worth it. This tip alone will make your gas last so much longer! I actually try to stay under and right at 2,000 RPGs and this alone will make your gas go so much farther!

4. Keep up with your regular oil changes and such. I am so guilty of this one! I can't change my own oil and I definitely don't pay to get it done, so I guess that's why I forget. The men in my life have to remind me of this and often, it's been overdue for a change!

5. Use store credit. We usually shop at Aldi's for groceries, but when we need items not found at Aldi's or when we use WIC, we shop Kroger. Using our Kroger Plus card saves us a little bit on gas each time we use it. Every little bit helps!

So, are you going to try these out? If you do, tell me how they work for you!

I have found that the first four tips make my gas go so much farther!. Store credit also helps us save a few dollars here and there and every little bit helps! 

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